Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GOP Shutdown

We have an idiot GOP congressman in Tennessee who says we'll never even notice the shutdown of the United States of America. It appears that the Tea Party has accomplished what the Nazis, Communists, fascists, anarchists, militant theocratists, and libertarians have been unable to do, even with bombs and armies. Now that fake news person, Chuck Todd, has explained that his job is to help catapult the propaganda rather than call balls and strike and ask tough questions of both sides rather than just Democrats, we are for clarity and enlightenment left to the last bastion of truth justice and the American way, comedians.

Some of then have potty mouths or rather potty fingers but they have facts and truth, as in this case...


Talking Points Memo

But hey, you'll probably never notice that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, one of the greatest drivers of the economy in East Tennessee, has been shut down.

There are good pundits and there are bad pundits. Bad pundits lead with with claims that "gridlock" in Washington caused the first federal government shutdown in 17 years. They claim that the shutdown is a "pox on both your houses" type of deal, and use phrases like the White House and Congress "trading blame" or "pointing fingers" for shutting down the government.  
Good pundits write about the fact that the shutdown is the result of House Republican behavior. Specifically, House Republicans, led by the nose by the Tea Party, are throwing a tantrum because, boo hoo, they didn't win a presidential election in 2008 and 2012.
Daily Kos

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