Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quote of the Day: "This is a very dark and perilous moment."

From Josh Marshall at TPM:
There is only one reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from the decision to fire Comey: that there is grave wrongdoing at the center of the Russia scandal and that it implicates the President. As I write this, I have a difficult time believing that last sentence myself. But sometimes you have to step back from your assumptions and simply look at what the available evidence is telling you. It’s speaking clearly: the only reasonable explanation is that the President has something immense to hide and needs someone in charge of the FBI who he believes is loyal. Like Jeff Sessions. Like Rod Rosenstein.
This is a very dark and perilous moment.

Read the whole piece for clarity

So Comey was Fired for Being Mean to Hillary? Not Because He's Investigating Trump Ties to Russia? Really?

Fired or Not Hired

Mother Jones

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bits and pieces

FBI Director Richard Comey appears to have perjured himself:     Much of what Comey said about this was inaccurate. Now the FBI is trying to figure out what to do about it.

There is little expectation that Congress or the Trump administration will bring Hatch Act charges against Comey, since his actions directly defeated Clinton and installed Trump, who owes Russians money, in the presidency.

Trump says him being Putin's c**k holster is old news.

So now two things are evident:
President Trump appointed Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor despite being told he was "compromised" by Russia.
President Trump fired Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates for informing him that Flynn was an unregistered foreign agent in order to cover that fact up.
One more thing that is evident after yesterday's Congressional hearings on the Trump Administration's involvement with Russia...Sally Yates has more courage and credibility in her little finger than Donald Trump and his entire entourage.