Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blackburn One of 50 GOP Congressional Members On Letter to Cut Social Security to Fix Debt

This letter should be held up as proof that the GOP is emphatically driven by greed and fealty to a corrupt financial industry and not good sense or one whit of love for the American people. There are several false statements in the letter, such as the claim that Social Security is an entitlement program that is driving our national debt. That's a flat out lie, as SS is solvent for a generation and has contributed not one penny to our national debt. We should realize that when TN Rep. Marsha Blackburn joins Senator Bob Corker in making noises about cutting Social Security we are seeing several things in action.  Corker and Blackburn are not dumb and they know full well that what they are doing is trying to get the Social Security lockbox out of the safe hands of the federal government and into the clutches of the financial industry they serve so well. They area also willing to repeatedly lie to us in the process.

Here's the letter if you are interested in a well written piece of crap.

Just for fun let's remember who actually crashed our national economy. Was it Social Security or the recently deregulated financial industry? Who cost us a trillion and a half dollars in a bailout and then gave their people 130 million dollars in bonuses, Social Security or the financial industry?

Now let's look at who a recent AARP study says pumps a Trillion dollars INTO our economy each year instead of sucking it out? Why it's Social Security! The financial industry won't even cover the cost of its own government book keeping, thanks to Blackburn and Corker opposing any attempts at imposing fees to pay for the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) keeping up with stock trades and financial regulations.

Any elected politician who cares about Tennesseans would act immediately to regulate the financial industry and protect Social Security. We're just not seeing that.

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