Sunday, September 3, 2017

Trump is the Russian President...Why Isn't This THE Headline Every Day on Every News Program?

Voters, those who were not turned back from the polls on election day, voted for Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes over Donald Trump.

The January intelligence assessment implied that the Russian hackers had achieved broader access than has been assumed. Without elaborating, the report said the Russians had “obtained and maintained access to multiple U.S. state and local election boards.”

Apart from the Russian influence campaign intended to undermine Mrs. Clinton and other Democratic officials, the impact of the quieter Russian hacking efforts at the state and county level has not been widely studied. Federal officials have been so tight-lipped that not even many election officials in the 21 states the hackers assaulted know whether their systems were compromised, in part because they have not been granted security clearances to examine the classified evidence.

This is a national emergency! Why are we holding back?

A call for investigation of Russian involvement in electing Donald Trump should be the first thing out of every progressive politician's mouth at every opportunity.