Monday, October 28, 2013

Those Nasty Hateful Sexist Homophobic Fascist Right Wing Posts in the Comments...Hired Trolls

We knew this was happening but we didn't think it was Fox News leading the charge.
In ‘Murdoch’s World,’ Folkenflik confirms what many social media users have known for a long time. Many right-wing commenters are using fake profiles and they are getting paid for spewing their filth around the web. Folkenflik reveals that these paid commenters use a wide range of deceptive tactics to hide their true identities... The right-wing agenda being pushed by these paid commenters, hired by Fox and other sources, doesn’t just include tax breaks for the rich and the myth of corporate person-hood. It includes racism, sexism, homophobia, hatred of the poor and much more...
I keep a tight reign on my commenters, not to weed out dissenting opinions but to weed out false information and personal attacks. That pretty much takes care of the hired trolls. It would be really nice if every information source did the same thing. Let's note for the record that nearly all conservative sites censor differing opinions from their comments.

  The article is here

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