Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let me see if I have this right...

So GOP, you lost the Presidential election, you lost the vote in Congress 42 times, you lost the Supreme Court decision with your own political operative now Chief Justice voting against you, and Obamacare, a grand compromise in the first place, is the law of the land but somehow you demand MORE compromise. You know that once it fully kicks in and 30 million preciously uninsured Americans get health insurance (that they'll pay for) and everybody sees that it's a major benefit for All Americans, except maybe insurance companies, everyone will see that the GOP is nothing more than the Koch Brother lackey in Congress and has been lying, lying, lying about... well... everything.

At some point all those people who were listening to you scream "Freedom" and "socialism" every time we tried to make things better for all Americans, all those people are going to realize that you don't WANT to make things better for ALL Americans. In fact, all you want to do, GOP, is tear America apart, so much so that when you hit a dribble of an infield hit and got thrown out at first base, you grabbed the ball and are now threatening the umpire with your bat that if he doesn't "compromise" and give you a home run you are going to blow up the stadium with all the American people inside it.

Why do you hate America?

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