Friday, December 28, 2012

Corker Continues to Make False Statements That Social Security Is At Root of Deficit Problem

Since SS has a 2 trillion dollar surplus at the moment, how does he has the temerity to say things like that? He knows this isn't true so who exactly is pulling his chain?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On Second Amendment Fraud

Despite the perverted version promoted by the NRA and the fraudulent opinion of the United States Supreme Court, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the right to own or carry a weapon. It's about the right of states to form well regulated militias. Ever heard that term? How about this contemporary decision by the Tennessee Supreme Court...

A man in pursuit of deer, elk and buffaloes might carry his rifle every day for forty years, and yet it would never be said of him that he had borne arms.
Aymette v. State, 21 Tenn. 154 (1840).

Now all this does is clearly show how the right wing's stated goal of packing the Supreme Court with its servants has perverted the intent of our founders. It's time to put things right!

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Tea Party Group Just Weird, Illegal, or All of the Above?

With the allegations of $12 million dollars illegally contributed and laundered through the Tea Party group FreedomWorks having a Knoxville TN connection, this story is certainly interesting. When you throw in a takeover of the corporate office by armed thug backed, Dick Armey, it is becoming more than weird. It's just plain surreal.

The aim was to seize control of the group and expel Armey’s enemies: The gun-wielding assistant escorted FreedomWorks’ top two employees off the premises, while Armey suspended several others who broke down in sobs at the news.

These acts are not just shenanigans. They smell more like a crime family than a tax exempt political action committee.

According to public records, FreedomWorks received more than $12 million before the election from two corporations based in Knoxville, Tenn.: Specialty Investments Group and Kingston Pike Development. The firms were established within a day of each other by William S. Rose III, a local bankruptcy lawyer.
Wapo Story

Congressional Republicans are caught between Grover Norquist's group of anti tax corporatists and the even more rabid and possibly insane  Freedom Works Tea Party front group. Left to the side is the sound fiscal responsibilities given to them by the Constitution. Forget balancing revenue with spending and the even bigger responsibility to look out for the General Welfare. The Rational Republican is fast becoming a figment of the imagination, wishful thinking on those party elders who are shaking their heads as they watch their once proud party degenerate into psychopathy. Hysteria rules amidst the armed body guards and even more heavily armed NRA cultists.

Stand in the middle of the Republican party, look out in any direction, and all you can see are extremists of one form or another. The impractical coalition of the right wing is breaking down the walls of the paranoia driven narrative crafted to keep them in line. At what point will they turn on their own masters?

This would be fun to watch if they weren't bringing down the walls of our nation in the process.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Look...It Was Not a "Spill"

 Unless you consider a man made geological event a "spill"...

I've been interviewed many times on the TVA Ash Disaster but I've rarely gotten the few points across that I thought were important. In the recent interview with Al Jazeera I did a bit better, but then the reporter, former NBC guy Tom Ackerman, didn't have to support a narrative given to him by higher ups. It's not a level playing field when you realize that the other side gets paid and coached on what and how to say by highly paid in or out of house media relations professionals, which is jargon for professional liars.

It's worth noting that TVA continually hired more pricey public relations people as they went along. A quarter of a million dollars seemed like a lot until they hired one for a reported $400,000.00. Up against that kind of messaging folks at ground zero have to learn how to get their message carried by the media instead of talking so much that a clip can be taken out of context and come across as something quite different from intended.

A primer for an amateur issue advocate, this should be required study for everyone who gets interviewed. I wish I had read it long ago.

Thank You, Clay Bennett

The Year in Review

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quote of the Day...

The NRA has 3 million members. There are 36 million members of the AARP. I say we take ‘um. We have canes, scooters, colostomy bags, medical marijuana, and the entire Rolling Stones.

Friday, December 21, 2012

From Our Irony Department: The NRA BANNED GUNS From Its Own Press Conference

NRA Chickens afraid of reporters packing heat?
Held at the historic Willard Hotel, the NRA kept a tight lid on security with at least a dozen guards, security sweep and multiple security guard check points before journalists could enter the room where the press conference was held.

They don't allow guns at their own press conference but they want them in you child's school? Really??? These guys are getting harder and harder to satirize. I mean how do I top that? 

The New Jersey Times Wayne LaPierre is not only crazy...He's a Chickenshit coward!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Romney Spent $8.9 Million Of Your Money on Transition...Ummm, Didn't He Lose?

Laptops and cell phones for a 500 person transition team? This is the guy who was going to cut the deficit...


Monday, December 17, 2012

Today...From My Senator and My Congressman

Senator Corker is a pro gun vote in the Senate. He and his other pro gun compatriots were asked to appear on Meet The Press yesterday and discuss things in light of the massacre of 20 six and seven year old children at their school by a crazy person with assault weapons. Senator Corker refused. At the same time the Nation was going into shock and despair at what had happened, Senator Corker showed his sensitivity by attempting to talk about cutting social security and Medicare in order to reduce the national debt. Sent me an email.  Brave man, that Corker.   Here is a bit of his gun record

I just received a push poll call asking if Congressman Fleischman should vote for a bipartisan bill that would cut spending and reduce the debt. The nice person making the call seemed glad to hear me ask why the call wasn't asking if medicare and social security should be cut to reduce the debt instead of raising taxes on high income brackets? Are you doing a poll on guns at the same time? "No" he said. Then I think he went off script and said, "We need your opinions on this too. Thanks for not just hanging up. "

The Congressman has refused to address specifics on nearly every issue. His record is somewhat that of a weasel.

I accept whatever side of this you happen to have arrived at as long as you don't spout nonsense at me. It is time for us to reason together. The assault weapons ban was quite effective and we are not safer with more guns. I've owned weapons all of my life. I see no reason for assault type weapons, or large capacity magazines, or any reason for there to be loop holes in background checks. You have a record of mental instability, violent or felonious crimes...No gun. No exceptions.

The status quo is both insane and untenable. We have to do something. It is time for our leaders to come out from behind their shields if rhetoric and evasion and grow some courage.

 Let me repeat myself: It is time for us to put aside nonsense and reason together.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

From Our "The Truth Will Set You Un-Free" Department

The number of journalists incarcerated for publishing embarrassing truth has reached an all time high.
...the world’s worst jailers of the press, each made extensive use of vague anti-state laws to silence dissenting political views, including those expressed by ethnic minorities. Worldwide, anti-state charges such as terrorism, treason, and subversion were the most common allegations brought against journalists in 2012.
The crusading journalist may be on the endangered species list. This is not good for the future of mankind. more

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Since voters want to see compromise, Obama Should Give It To Them

Mr. President, may I suggest trying something like, "Ok, Boehner, since you lost the election we're going to start with expanding Medicare to everyone who wants to buy in and raising the top tax brackets back to the Reagan years." See, if I may be so bold, sir, it's called negotiating.

Cartoonish Treatment of What's Happening Now

This is pretty danged good...

Monday, December 10, 2012

The False Equivalency Fallacy That Has Destroyed Our Media and Threatens the Existance of America

How many times have you been talking politics and pointed out a flat out lie that a candidate has told and heard the retort, "They all do it"? Well first off they don't. That retort is often justified with false equivalency. For instance, The Romney campaign put out a falsely edited video to made it appear that Obama had said business owners, "Didn't build that." He actually said nothing of the sort. The video was a bald faced premeditated lie. This is often compared to the Obama lie that he promised to close Guantanamo and get us out of Iraq in a year. He actually did promise to close Guantanamo but was thwarted by direct intervention of House Republicans who made it illegal to use funds to close the place. This hardly qualifies as an intent to deceive. As for ending the Iraq war in a year, He didn't actually specify that time table and that turned into a longer process but it is mostly done, sort of. There was no intent to deceive. Nothing the Obama camaign did or said ever reached the level of the outright deception of the falsely edited "You didn't build that" video. In a just America with a functioning media the campaign would have been over at that point. Obama would have received 77% of the vote with Romney retaining the 23% that comprise the right wing nut job faction of the Republican party. But the media is wallowing in the throws of the false equivalency disease and the election went down to the wire, again because the media consistently quoted bad polls to make us believe the race was close. It wasn't and grows more of a trouncing every day as the votes are fully counted and certified. Now go read this and think about it. America must have a functioning media if it is to survive. This is serious stuff. Froomkin has the essay on the essay.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Sunday Sermon From Our "Wow, I Wish I'd Written That" Dept

Corporate profits and the wealth of the wealthy are not the reasons we have an economy, and are certainly not the definition of economy: They are luxuries, unlike education, transportation, communications, law enforcement, environmental protection, healthcare programs of every stripe, and Social Security - all things that conservatives are insisting need to be cut in order to facilitate the continued explosion of the former. This is literally an attempt by a vanishingly small group of people to turn an entire national economy and its government into their private property and everyone else into second-class citizens completely dependent on their voluntary largesse to even survive. That's insane and anti-American...
The question isn't why should we not let the Bush tax cuts expire but rather, "Why aren't we raising tax brackets up by far more than that? Why aren't we EXPANDING Social Security and Medicare?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa's Helpers Cause Uproar in Netherlands

OMG! Another Christmas outrage...Santa's Dutch helper is a little white guy painted black. I can see how this might possibly offend, but then doesn't the elf caricature offend little people? I guess you can't dress up as a elf if you are as tall as say, Will Ferrel. Black Pete