Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cuban Canadian Senator Fake Filibuster Boiled Down From Mush To Its Essence...Purified Distilled Mush

I'm having trouble with why it is that a Cuban Canadian..
gets to spend millions of tax payer dollars reading Green Eggs and Ham to his children from the floor of the United States Senate? Near as I can tell the bottom line is that Ted Cruz and his anti American Tea Publican cronies in the House and Senate want to end the Federal government so you can pay your taxes directly to the Koch brothers without having to deal with that nasty old IRS which wants to oppress conservatives by making then follow the same rules as everybody else. This move by the Koch financed Tea Party will upset Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney when it actually happens because they need you to give your tax money to the IRS so they can take it and make millions of dollars profiteering on wars they lie us into.When asked about this Cheney said, "So why haven't we bombed Syria already?"

Ted also seems to be upset that Obama refuses to compromise with the GOP and delay/destroy/defund/whatever Obamacare. This is apparently because Ted, a megalomaniac asshole by the accounts of even his closest friends sycophants, doesn't recognize realities that contradict the mythology in his head, namely that everyone pretty much wanted single payer healthcare but the GOP graciously gave Obama everything he wanted in a magnanimous act of gracious compromise on their part, thereby creating the greatest gift to insurance companies ever devised by the Heritage Foundation known as Obamacare.

Bad as it is, Obamacare is worlds better than the GOP's ideal system in which rich people get fabulous medical care and jump to the front of the line for new organs even when they totally don't meet the criteria except that they are rich from war profiteering, while poor people get nothing, and the middle class gets nearly nothing except high co-pays and gets kicked off their insurance rolls if they actually do get sick. Insurance after all is not for sick people, just ask any health insurance company CEO. Diabolical Obamacare actually pays insurance companies to provide insurance, albeit at a reasonable rate.

And now back to Ted Cruz, eh? Several people actually suffered through Ted's fake filibuster so we didn't have to be scarred for life. Wonkette is my go to source for clarity in matters like this. CSPAN put it this way...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Chuck Todd Announces Abdication of Constitutional Responsibility

 In our nation the Press is given special consideration and privilege because they are supposed to be the arbiters of truth. If they aren't going to do that why are they still given special privileges? I mean, why should I not be given a ride on Air Force One instead of Chuck? And then you!

Go read Southern Beale.

Pro Hunger Republicans

How does TN Congressman Fincher vote to deny food stamps to children and yet vote FOR the farm welfare bill that has given him $3.7 million dollars? Conservative Republican logic looks more like criminal selfishness than logic.

These are strange times when conservative voters let these rats get away with this thievery. The Republican party in Congress isn't  entirely made up of scum, almost but not quite. Here's the rest of the story. There's a lot more going on in this as you'll see, including a move by Fincher and others to split the Farm Subsidy bill away from the Food Stamp (SNAP) bill so that they can vote to keep their own welfare while denying food to children. Nice people, these Republicans.

 I can't find out how my Congressman Flieshman voted and it actually looks like he managed to not vote. Anybody know?

Pith has more

And then there's THIS!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bad Guy With Gun Shoots Good Guy With Gun Takes Gun Shoots More Good Guys

Can we start ignoring people who robo-regurgitate that tired old lie, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"?
After firing down on people, the gunman began to search for more people to shoot, and as he searched, he was confronted by a security guard near an exit, according to the officials. The gunman shot the guard and took his semiautomatic handgun, then headed back to the atrium. “He runs back upstairs and cranks off more rounds with the handgun and then heads to another stairwell, where he confronts a worker there and shoots him,” the official said.
NYTimes Article on Naval Yard Shooter denied assault weapon because of Virginia Gun Law.
So gun restrictions never work, unless maybe you consider the number of people Alexis could have killed with a semiautomatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From Our Ron Ramsey Is a S******d Dept

I can't believe this. After how many lectures we got in the naughts about W is the President after all and all that, we get this crap! Look...Barack Obama is a decent person. His record as a decent human being is like spotless. He cares about you and me and Ron Ramsey apparently doesn't. We deserve better in this state... We do! Shamefull!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gorvernor's Personal Aide As the Man Behind The (Transparent) Curtain

This kind of farce is to be expected from Alexander and Ingram, who have made nice careers out of ladling bullshit to the public. But do the Tennessee media have to participate?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Talking About You, Liz Cheney!

Hey, any woman who would throw her sister under the bus would not even think twice about tying grandma to the railroad tracks. Juanita said so...


Hey, any woman who would throw her sister under the bus would not even think twice about tying grandma to the railroad tracks.