Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today's Must Read...There is No Call to Violence on the Left...It's All YOU, Republicans

How many times have I read, "Well, they both do it," in response to some comment pointing out some inference of violence by Republicans toward Democrats? Well, they don't both do it. In fact, the Left has repeatedly called for a reduction in the tone of political debate and warned that something was bound to happen if we didn't change...something like the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Giffords. At the moment Giffords was shot in the most cowardly fashion from behind by an insane man, Sarah Palin's website was displaying a graphic with the title, "We diagnosed the problem...You prescribe the solution." The graphic displayed a rifle sight on Giffords District and 19 other Congressmen who had voted FOR the Health Care Reform bill. The person who shot Giffords also killed 6 people. His writings indicate he was angry about health care reform.

Sarah Palin has now given a speech in which she said her campaign was all about taking personal responsibility and that she was NOT responsible in any way for what happened and that any one who says otherwise is committing "blood libel."

It was Sarah Palin's "I Am Not a Witch" moment.

How does a human being with any brain wave at all claim she is a victim because she is just exercising her Right to Free Speech when only a few days ago she was calling for the assassination by the CIA of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for exercising his right to Free Speech? This is insanity!

Conservative mouth pieces have scoured around and found a map that the Democratic Party put out and said it showed that Democrats did it first. The map did not have rifle sights on it and it was 6 years old. They also managed to find one instance of President Obama using the old saw about taking a gun to a knife fight. Metaphor is not a threat. This is not a call for somebody to shoot conservatives. These are two rather benign instances over many years and they are not equivalent to the incessant drumbeat by the Right for "Second Amendment Solutions" to political discourse.

Melissa McEwan writes:

Let's Get This Straight: There is No Leftist Equivalent to the Right's Violent Rhetoric
The shooting in Tucson was not an anomaly. It was an inevitability, and as long as we play this foolish game of "both sides are just as bad," it will be inevitable again.

Read it.

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  1. A lot of people (Democrats, Republicans, and None of the Above) are concerned that Muslims urging the kind of violent retaliation Palin wished on her political opponents would have been jailed before they had the opportunity to target incumbent Congress people with gun sights. In the name of equal justice, there is a petition at which calls for the Dept of Justice to indict Palin for incitement to violence.