Thursday, January 6, 2011

Obama's Biggest Mistake

A good and dear friend forwarded an email which contained a letter from a 94 year old veteran who disparaged Barack Obama for all the debunked reasons that we call "zombie lies". Debunked over and over they still get repeated as fact and gullible people believe them when they hear them referred to on Fox or wherever. The real question is why such crap ever gets traction? I sent the letter written by Fox Detox in reply to the Veteran back to my friend. I got an email back thanking me but still worrying that our country was going to hell and that Obama takes too many vacations.


So here goes:

To My Friend,

Let me correct a couple of things for you. Obama, by all insider accounts, works his ass off. He is a type A person's type A person. he also plays as hard as he works and I admire that greatly. I have talked to two people who have been in work sessions with him and they both said they have never encountered a person who runs a meeting as well or as productively and that there is no question that Obama is by far the smartest guy in the room. He does his home work and knows his stuff. My problem with him is that he has the wrong people in the room at times.

I think Barack Obama should take a page from the "good kings" of old and go out in the country side in disguise to see how the people are getting along, what they think, what they need, and how they feel. It's tough to really understand what it means to have your factory close and your job shipped to China when you live inside the most unproductive, yet prosperous, political city limits on this planet. Our leaders need to feel our pain and right now, they don't. A fair number of them don't care, but I believe Barack Obama does. He simply isn't omniscient. He needs better information.

From what I see so far, Barack Obama is a great man and a historical figure. Unfortunately I also think that he is opposed at this time in history by men who are not great, more like evil at their core, and who unfortunately will also be historical figures. I agree that our country is going to hell but we disagree on who is sending it there. I am certain it is not President Obama. When you l;ook at results only, and not the massive disinformation campaign being run by Karl Rove and others, Obama has had an incredibly successful first two years. Why do we think otherwise? It is all about the information we are receiving. Massive corporations own the mainstream media, and the mainstream media is lying to us.

This disinformation campaign is being supported on a far more egregious and radical level by the people who send these emails around.

The complaints about Obama are of no substance whatsoever. "He's a socialist". He's a Marxist", "He's a racist", "He hates America", "He takes too many vacations". This letter from a bigotted ignorant man disguised as a war veteran is exactly the same thing...A character assassination with no basis in fact when examined. When you think about this it becomes apparent that this old man disgraced himself and the American ideals he fought for by letting his name by put on a letter which attempts to make us want to heap scorn on our President but which actually cannot stand the light of fact and clear thought. The evil people who send these things out depend on our ignorance. We fight them by becoming aware of the truth and standing up for it.

In his first year as President, Obama spent all or part of 26 days on vacation, which is a bit more than Presidents Carter (17) and Clinton (20) but way less than Republican Presidents Reagan (42 days) and George H. W> Bush (40 dys). When President George W Bush was taking his vacations the media line was "he needs his rest". Well, he must have needed a ton of rest because he took 69 days of vacation his first year including the entire month of August. Barack Obama has taken about two weeks of real vacation and , counting the longest over Christmas and Thanksgiving, and some long weekends in the same amount of time and you think he "takes too many vacations". I don't fault you for thinking that. You have been led to think these things. Ask yourself why you think that? Who gave you that idea? Whoever it was, they are not your friends and are not friends of America.

When Barack Obama came into office the number one fear that Republicans had was that he would try to reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine" which requires truth in media and news to be labeled as news and opinion to be labeled as opinion. Obama went on to other things and after thinking about this and seeing what our media has become, I think this was Obama's biggest single mistake.



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