Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is a Sad Thing to Watch, Lamar

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander has sunk too the level of being an outright liar.

Senate Republicans have used the secret hold to prevent the Senate from discussing bills their lobbyist masters don't like.

The GOP has used, not the actual filibister, but a rule they enacted called the secret hold to destroy the ability of the Senate to function. I have lost respect for Senator Alexander in several instances over the past few years but this time he has stooped to stating an out right lie. Democrats are proposing to walk back Senate rules to a time when a Senator had to stand up in front of his peers and make a stand against legislation he believes will not serve the nation. This allows a Senator to have as much time as he can physically endure to make a case for his position and the principles that back it up. What Senator Alexander and his fellow Republicans have been doing is to use the "secret hold" to prevent even the Senate from even debating bills that don't serve their lobbyist masters. Forcing Lamar to stand up and speak when he opposes something is not "cutting off the voices" as he maliciously claims, but as any rational person can plainly see, it is just the opposite in fact.

When you say something that you know full well is not true, you are a liar.

Democrats don't want to stifle Lamar Alexander, just the opposite. They want Lamar to stand up and speak when he feels so strongly about something. As it stands now, any one of 100 people can stop all discussion in the Senate. If a "secret hold" is placed on a bill, No one can speak. There is no debate. And no one is supposed to know who did it. Republicans have used this tactic hundreds of times in the last few years to prevent anyone from speaking either for or against hundreds of bills, like the one that would have ended the tax breaks for Corporation who close American factories and send our jobs to Asia.

This is the coward's way, Lamar. It is the way of thieves to steal people's voices and claim you are protecting them. What you have become, sir? Let me refresh your knowledge of the English Language just a is a definition from Webster's Dictionary:

1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

2: to create a false or misleading impression

That is the definition of the intransitive verb, "lie".

It must disappoint most Tennesseans to see Lamar Alexander sink to this sad level of false discourse. Senator Alexander's record of service to Tennessee is stained by his apparent service to lobbyists instead of his people.

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  1. I so hope Bredesen runs against Alexander for the next term. My elected officials are such a disappointment so I send my $ to candidates and elected officials in other states who support my