Thursday, January 27, 2011

There is Nothing More Important at This Moment in History Than Impeaching Clarence Thomas

United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been on the take for many years now. The money has gone to his wife in the form of "consulting fees" from the Heritage Foundation, a right wing think tank. This, in and of itself, is not a crime in today's America. But Clarence, knowing what he and his wife were doing was wrong, tried to hide this for 20 years on his federally required financial disclosure forms. Over that time. the Mrs. Clarence Thomas has apparently been paid two million dollars or so, but Clarence checked "none" in the box requiring disclosure of  "Spouse's Non-Investment Income".

Isn't amazing at how damned cheap it is to buy a Supreme Court Justice? A lousy $100,000 a year gets you Billions and billions of dollars worth of returns and the ability to buy elections without fear of reprisal. Think of the 5-4 Supreme Court decisions Where Clarence Thomas's vote has enabled that have totally reshaped, destroyed, our America. chief among those are the Bush v. Gore travesty where the court decided that it would be unfair to actually count the votes in Florida and the even greater travesty of Citizen's United where it was decided that Corporations are now people and can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence campaigns but that actual people still have to abide by campaign finance laws. Once you own the Supreme Court the world is your oyster. Or cash box might be more accurate.

Whether you consider $100,000 a year chicken feed or fortune, Clarence Thomas has been an unwaveringly reliable vote for the interests on the right. You have to admit that once bought, Clarence Thomas stayed bought. What does surprise me though is that apparently Justice Thomas must have some vestigial conscience left somewhere in his existence. Otherwise why would he have bothered to lie on his disclosure forms? He felt guilty at what he was doing and by checking "NONE" perhaps he could pretend that he was not really casting his vote for money.

Now the right is going to go all cavalry on us. like when they come riding over the hill to stamp out those nasty native Americans who are trying to stop General Custer from shooting their women and children. The right will say, "Hey, it's an honest mistake." "Those forms are hard." And frankly I am willing to accept that, but let's just note that the Justice Department is currently prosecuting several other people for exactly the same transgression, which carries a five to eight year prison term. As much as I would like to see Supreme Court Justice Thomas behind bars I would settle for Clarence Thomas going just the short distance to nurture that tiny bit of conscience he has left, the one that he tried to put salve on by pretending he wasn't on the take, the conscience that was only strong enough to make him lie and not man up to his malfeasance. Let that bit of conscience move him, move his heart to do the right thing and resign. Think of how much he would save his country by avoiding the agony of impeaching a Supreme Court Justice.

There is one problem with this scenario and it is a problem I have with most all officials who are found to have committed some form of bribery or another...The acts they committed for that money are allowed to stand. Geroge W. Bush will still have been our president and millions will still be dead as a result of his futile wars.

Perhaps we can at least reverse the Citizens United decision, which could well stand as the cornerstone of the destruction of America's concept known as "We the People".

Impeach Clarence Thomas.



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  1. AMEN! And Scalia & Alito, too, who increasingly appear to, at minimum, be supporting the politics and agenda of the Koch brothers, an activity forbidden by the Judges' Code of Honor (or are we just going to believe their seeming assertion that they're above the law--that their paid speeches to Koch groups were "not important"?).