Friday, February 25, 2011

Will the Republican Party Find Its Hitler?

The coordinated attacks on public education, unions, and everything that isn't government for the rich along with the increasing use of propaganda by the Republican Party bear an uncanny historical similarity to another time in another country. The first thing Adolf Hitler did when he got to power was to arrest the union leaders and send them to concentration camps. Yes, I am comparing today's Republican Party to the Nazi Party, but there is a huge difference.

Republicans go all whiny and hurt and outraged when someone compares their tactics to Hitler. There's a good reason for this...Their tactics are damned near carbon copy Hitlerism with one serious exception...No Hitler. 

We see all sorts of totally goofy Republican candidates appearing to be the rising star, flaring brightly, if briefly, in the glare of conservative radio and TV adulation. Like the unbelievably incapable Christine O'Donald, the genuinely nutty Michelle Bachman, and the delusionally unqualified Sarah Palin, they all seem to melt when they fly too close to the spotlight. This hasn't caused the people behind America's headlong rush toward neo-fascism to give up the search. The Koch brothers currently being the best known among the two dozen most rich and powerful ones, our American fascists keep pouring millions into the campaigns of men and women they hope will be their next Hitler, someone who can stun crowds of tea partiers with fear and hate filled speeches disguised as pleas to Christianity and Nationalism. So far they have found a number of people who are either coldly calculating, like Mike Huckaby and Newt Gingrich, or those not ready for prime time batshit insane semi-beauties previously mentioned. Mitt Romney won't do at all, since he actually seems to contain a whiff of thoughtfulness which has to play havoc with his commitment to conservatism. It must be difficult to be a committed conservative who has yet to surrender to insanity. 

The Koch brothers and their cohorts seem to have the idea that they can transform the once great though ideologically flawed Republican Party into a slightly softer version of an Americanized Nazi Party, and all they need to do is find someone to play the part of Adolf Hitler on TV but still take their orders.  They can pay think tanks to demonize communists, socialists, immigrants, unions, school teachers, working people, Muslims, and so on just like Hitler did, except that they have to leave out Jews this time. (That would be too obvious, perhaps, and anyway  a fair number of Jews have come over to the neo-fascist way of thinking as evidenced by the fact that over two dozen high ranking members of George W. Bush's administration held dual Israeli citizenship. This is a touchy subject but it has to be noted.)

So the Neo-American-Fascists are an alliance of rich elites, multinational corporations, the military industrial complex, the Catholic Church and Conservative Protestant denominations. (This is nothing new for the Catholic hierarchy. Historically they've been here before, more than once.) In their "Build it and they will come" scenario, the cart is standing there and is now waiting for the horse. This is backwards from the way Hitler did it and the only explanation I can give is that the Military Industrial capitalist Complex got out in front and decided to prop up controllable stooges like Reagan and W instead of waiting for potential dictator with the right combination of intelligence, charisma, and mental illness to come along. What could go wrong, right? Now they are ripe for their Hitler. 

Americans have to understand this and make their choice. The use of non stop propaganda and the attack on unions is historically identical to Hitler's actions that eventually resulted in the destruction of Germany and most of Europe in the process. This moment in history is a call to action. The next 18 months will decide whether America will be governed by the Middle Class or the Ruling Class. 

Will working Americans take over the Democratic Party and save this country? 

Will you?



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