Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hotter Climate Causing More Severe Storms and Flooding Like Nashville Flood

As soon as scientific studies hit the press we see paid commenters call them "drivel", "1000% wrong", and so on, often as in the case with this article making out right false statements in the attempt to discredit climate change as a serious threat to our planet's future.

There are two stories here...

One...Humans are causing serious harm to their future ability to survive on this planet by continuing to burn fossil fuels.

Two...There are people and corporations actively working against this truth and no shortage of people willing to take their money and lie for them.

From the story in today's Times Free Press:

...(At the end of the decade ending in 1999) scientists say climate change kicked into a higher gear, the events examined were similar to more recent disasters: deluges that triggered last year’s deadly floods in Pakistan and in Nashville, Tenn., and this winter’s paralyzing blizzards in parts of the United States.

The Times Free Press

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