Friday, February 11, 2011

Where to start...

There is so much going on that I don't have enough outrage to go around. Somehow i find myself in complete solidarity with the good people of Egypt in wanting to replace their government with a democracy of the people. I also wish that somehow we could do the same thing in the United States of America.

Wouldn't it be nice if the two biggest news stories in America could also be the two biggest media stories? Here are my picks:

Former President George W. Bush cancelled his planned trip to Geneva Switzerland this week in order to avoid being indicted for authorizing torture.

And...Even more significant because Bush was installed in office by one vote in a tragic Supreme Court decision that may forever cheat Americans out of electing their own government...Justice Clarence Thomas turns out the have committed felonies in hiding th fact that his wife was receiving money from people whose cases he was deciding as a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

You may think these other stories are more important, but regardless, none of them received banner headlines in our press. Sad...

Fox News Insider, "We Were a Stalin-esque Mouthpiece for Bush"

US Chamber of Commerce Lobbyists Hired Hackers To Sabotage Unions and Smear Chamber’s Political Opponents.

All across America people are rising up and demonstrating against the wars, for unions, for jobs, for Progressive change in this country by the hundreds. Where's the media? Covering Tea Party meetings with the same 25 people. We're being scammed and let down.

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  1. there is a term in scientific discourse that aptly describes ex-president bush's 8 year experiment : not even wrong.

    clarence thomas is innocent until proven guilty, just like any other mere mortal/ supreme court justice - but you knew that