Monday, February 21, 2011

Unions...Free Market Response to Corporate Failure

Unions have their problems. They exist simply because Corporations have more problems. In functioning human societies we band together to cure problems. We get together and create fire departments to fight fires, police departments to fight criminals and to make sure we ourselves behave reasonably toward each other. As workers we have gotten together and collectively formed unions so that we can speak as one voice to our employers about fair wages, safe working conditions, and fair treatment.  When you see or hear the word "union" you should think "a group working people". When you think of the 40 hour week, overtime pay, and paid vacations, think of America's unions who brought you those things. Those are all good things. i think we all agree on that. but you know who hates good things for working people? Corporations.

Corporations are legal fictions, devices that excise the human conscience from commerce and exempt the people hiding behind the corporate veil from the consequences of their own decisions and actions.  Show me the conscience of a BP or an EXXON? Show me the conscience of Murray Energy Corporation or any corporation in the coal business? Murray owns the Crandall Canyon mine where intentionally and illegally trying to remove the pillars of coal which supported the roof caused the mine to collapse and entomb six men. Bob Murray cannot be touched personally by legal action since he operates through a corporation. A corporation can kill people and get away with it. They spend massive amounts of money to purchase elected officials who then pass laws to let the corporations, and the people hiding behind their veils, get away with things they shouldn't, dumping poisons into our air and water, allowing unsafe working conditions, paying less than they should for a day's work, selling unsafe products, and so on down a long list. If America's unions didn't exist, who exactly would be negotiating with corporations for better working conditions, insurance, and fair compensation? Nobody! That is exactly why they want laws passed to stop working people from gathering together and asking for better jobs.  That is exactly why corporations hate the free market when it comes to labor. They have no conscience.

Laws against unions are laws against working people. This is odd because most Tea Partiers claim to be Libertarians but somehow seem to be on the side against the free market.  Most Tea Partiers seem to be working people but somehow seem to be against themselves. Isn't this even odder since isn't the Tea Party, after all, a union? It's a very confused union funded by the men hiding behind massive and many layered corporate veils, but the Tea Party is plain and simple a union. Normally a union of working people would have the common goal of improving their own standards of living and working. The Tea Party is one of the few times in human history when people have banded together to make their own lives worse.

There should be a law against that.


  1. Only five states do not have collective bargaining for teachers. Their ACT/SAT scores rank:

    South Carolina -50th
    North Carolina -49th
    Georgia -48th
    Texas -47th
    Virginia -44th