Monday, July 15, 2013

TN Congress Critter Calls GW Bush Enviro-Leftist

I'm thinking about taking down the Hunter fans I have mounted all over my house...
Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn offered the policy rider to the Energy-Water appropriations bill (HR 2609), saying companies such as Memphis, Tenn.-based Hunter Fans cannot afford burdensome regulations that would drive up the price of products. The amendment, which would block funding for writing the regulations, was adopted by voice vote.
I mean really...
The relevant law was passed in 2005 under the tyranny of the Bush administration and a set of House Republicans that, let's face it, were nothing more than a pack of jackbooted environmentalist thugs. Real Republicans know that energy efficiency standards are anti-Jesus. Or more to the point, the current Congress is just made up of crooks, since the old law was enacted to avoid state-by-state regulations of the same thing:
The juice

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