Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Horrible Punishment Heaped Upon Tea Party Groups by the IRS

Let's overlook for just a minute that, even though they are screaming the loudest, Tea Party groups were a minority of those targeted, and that only one group lost its non profit status and that was Progress Texas, anything but a conservative group.

So what did the IRS do to these groups that has them screaming about being persecuted?


Yes, that's correct...The horrendous punishment wrought by the IRS was that Tea Partiers had to do more paperwork to complete their application for tax exempt status which they all received. I know you are thinking, "Really? That's what all this is about?" But you have to understand these people...No wonder they're screaming. It requires being able to read and write and that's totally unfair!

 Actually, the real scandal here, judging from what I know about the Roane County Tea Party group is that any of them got their tax exempt status.

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