Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Kids on the Left Are All Right

The Young Democrats at the University of Memphis have been giving some thought to Whether or not Tennessee needs another Term of Bill Haslam as Governor and who might be a good person to replace him:
This laundry list of scandals, mismanagement, and disregard for the livelihood of Tennesseans is emblematic of the leadership crisis facing our state. Haslam’s passion for political patronage endangers the welfare of ordinary Tennesseans and threatens to cause serious long-term damage to the state we all love. For the good of the state, Tennesseans need a candidate for governor whose leadership offers a clear contrast with Gov. Haslam and his self-serving Capitol Hill cronies.
Read the entire piece. It's worth the time. Isn't it nice to see the difference between Democrats and Republicans laid out so plainly?

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