Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We Need a Democratic Party in This State

The Executive Committee of the Tennessee Democratic  Party is about to elect its new chair person. There are several good and qualified people who have offered themselves up for the position. While I think each and every one of them is qualified, I would like to say that what they are qualified for is not necessarily the chair person position. This wagon train needs a driver.

I wrote about this sometime back. Go read this and come back. I'll wait...

Ok, anyone who was pissed off by that rant, well good. It was aimed at you. You know who you are.

We keep treating the TNDEM Chair race as a beauty contest. This is wrong, wrong, wrong! We are electing a leader. We should be looking at an operative for this job. A community organizer with muscle and fangs. Democrats have a great messages and we need to get them out there.

You want good schools you have to elect Democrats because Republicans are just going to sell them to their friends.

You want decent health care you have to elect Democrats because Republicans are the ones who brought us forever increasing insurance costs and only getting the 34th best care in the world for our money. They are the reason your mother is on Medicare and they are trying their damnedest to kill that.

You want Social Security you have to elect Democrats because Republicans are trying to tell you it is causing deficits, which is a lie on the face of it, and that it is an entitlement even though we all pay for it.

You want safe schools you have to elect Democrats because Republicans can only bow down to the NRA, who would have told you the answer to drunk driving deaths is more alcohol.

You want your kids to have clean water to swim in and clean air to breathe you have to elect Democrats because Republicans think the only value those things have is what they can be sold for.

We need a candidate running for every elected office at every level who carries those messages and more... We need a drummer at the head of the boat pounding incessantly on the beat of a resurgent Democratic Party and who will pound on the head of anyone who thinks the way to be a Democrat is to be a moderate Republican. There aren't any moderate Republicans anymore. Get that through your heads and get us a leader who understands what it takes to build a revolution in this state.

 Who is our drummer?



Read what Left Wing Cracker says about the race to be the new TNDEM Chair.


  1. Completely agree about needing an organizer in the leadership positions. That's how you challenge in a red state. Turnout was a bit down in Memphis and I think statewide this past election. I worked on Congressman Cohen's campaign. And there's only so much his operation can do since he can only raise so much money. There's a lot of Democrats in the urban areas of the state that we need to be reaching.

    Not only do we need an organizer, we need someone who understands modern politics. There's a ton of political science research that we utilized on Congressman Cohen's campaign. We need to take full advantage of that research to fight the uphill battle we face in this state. A leader who understands these things would help bring everyone else in line and make the party more effective.

  2. About 40% of rural areas are Democrats. Let's remember that we only have to change the minds of 10% to get back on top. Who can ay out a strategic plan to do that and effectively oversee it? We are looking for an opreative here, not a politician.