Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Funnies

From our "Aren't Conservatives Just Darling?" Department:

Michelle Bachmann is refusing to pay staff members from her failed Presidential campaign unless they sign a document agreeing to commit obstruction of justice. No, Really...

Crafting legislation is often compared to making sausage (both are grisly tasks, you see), so every once in a while you hear Congress being referred to as the sausage factory. I must confess the analogy never struck me as particularly apt.
I suppose I could see it if the sausage factory was, say, only open two or three days a week. Or if any one employee of the sausage factory could put a blanket hold on the making of today's sausage, or tomorrow's, or next week's. Or if half the employees kept trying to put rat poison in the sausages.
But I guess where the analogy really breaks down for me is that I just can't see workers at an actual sausage factory having that kind of top-notch health insurance... From KOS

Why Comment Trolls Suck...from Mother Jones:

There's a science to why people are Climate change deniers, it is exploited by the folks who make money on things that are killing us, and you're an idiot if you don't believe me. (Sorry to be rude but if you read the piece you might get the point...Not climate change deniers, of course.)

  And Tennessee Treasure Clay Bennett...  

Clay Bennett
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Jan 11, 2013


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