Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TN Environmental Orgs Send Open Letter to Corker and Alexander Regarding Blocking TVA Board Member Dr. Marylin Brown

From a Tennessean Editorial:
 The Georgia Tech professor was the only person on the board of the giant federal utility with expertise in energy efficiency and sustainability. Think of that: the only director for a seven-state utility who would know the best practices for saving ratepayers’ hard-earned money; yet Alexander and Corker deemed her unsuitable for the board of an agency that is going to need all the expertise in sustainability that it can get in coming decades.
 While the editorial boards of several newspapers around the state are calling our good Senators on the carpet for Blocking the impressively credentialed Dr. Brown from the TVA Board, Community and environmental organizations are asking how in the world the Senators can make the statement that they want someone with better qualifications?  They were really nice about it but the letter hits hard...

Read the Letter

 Behind the scenes the buzz is that she was a threat to the Chairman Bill Sansom holding on to that position. Without Dr. Brown on the Board the thrust could continue to be build more power plants even in the face of the well crafted Sierra Club report that showed we can easily save energy costs and eliminate the need for any new power plants with no cost to the greater economy.

The call is building for Corker and Brown to withdraw their opposition to the only Board member with credentials in energy efficiency and climate change and for President Obama to renominate Dr. Brown to the TVA Board.

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