Saturday, March 3, 2012

Republicans ARE Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh wears a device on the side of his head that transmits sound into his head. He has to have this because he took so many Oxycontin pills that it deep fat fried his hearing. Rush also got caught coming back from a Caribbean island vacation with a satchel full of Viagra. It appears that the mouthpiece of the Republican Party has several physical problems that require medical intervention...his ears don't work, his penis requires chemical assistance, and his mouth won't shut until after the bile runs out and sloshes all over everything worthwhile in America. His foul and twisted utterances are what the Republican Party thinks of as political discourse.

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat bully. He picks on women. Rush called an accomplished young woman a slut and a prostitute for standing up and testifying for women's health issues, specifically the right of women to have contraceptive care included in employer provided health insurance in the same manner that Rush Limbaugh's Viagra is included in employer provided health insurance. Rush even went so far as to demand that he be given video of the woman using her contraception since Rush says he'll be paying for it. This foul person who is the spokesman for the Republican Party appears to have a diseased mind to go along with all of his other medical problems. He wants his Viagra but doesn't want Georgetown University Law student, Sandra Fluke, to have comparable women's health insurance coverage. For speaking out in public, Rush Limbaugh called her a slut.  Rush is a dick.
President Obama called Sandra Fluke and told her that her parents should be proud of her.

Unfortunately, Rush Limbaugh and his brand of discourse is what the Republican Party has become as it continues dragging America into a dark putrid mess of a place. They have nothing to offer America except fear and hate and the coordinated lies necessary to make their gullible acolytes believe the myth of the day. Somehow setting standards for how businesses treat their employees has been transformed in the Republican mind into an attack on religious freedom when a church owns the business. Somehow the gullibles believe President Obama is going to "take our guns" now that the election approaches and Obama has said nor done anything of the sort. Somehow Obama is a Muslim even though a Muslim would have committed blasphemy in attending the same Christian church for twenty years. Somehow President Obama wasn't born in America even though his 17 year old expectant mother had no passport at the time she would have had to travel out of the United States to Africa and get back into this country with a newborn child who also would have had no passport. Somehow the flames of racism and hatred get fanned to rile up the gullible class while corporations destroy our clean air and clean water and our children's future on this planet in the name of getting despicably richer.

Just once I wish a Republican would sit with me and have an honest conversation on the policies of the Republican Party and how they will improve the lives of most Americans. They can't do it. Republicans are Rush Limbaugh.



  1. Hallelujah brother! The truth is spoken here!

  2. He spews unbridled hate and vitriol. He is a crude, mysogynist pig. Unlike me - I didn't spew - I just called a pig a pig.

  3. All the temporarily embarrassed millionaires, including Thrush Limbaugh, make me ashamed as a human. Seriously, on that level.
    Their primate brains only recognize fear and hate, because that's what survival tells them to pay attention to. Progressives need to quit trying to talk to them rationally. They only react to fear...