Saturday, March 24, 2012

ALEC's Fingerprints on Trayvon Martin's Murder

Tennessee Republicans passed the same legalized murder bill that may allow Trayvon Martin's killer to walk free.  Our Legislature won't lift a finger to help create jobs in this state but putting a gun in every pocket is a high priority.

  • In August 2005, in Grapevine, Tex., NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer asked legislators and lobbyists at a closed-door meeting of ALEC’s “Criminal Justice Task Force” to adopt the Florida “Castle Doctrine” bill as an ALEC model bill.  The NRA said her pitch “was well received,” and the bill was approved “unanimously.”(1)
  • At that time, ALEC’s public-private Criminal Justice Task Force was co-chaired by Wal-Mart(2)–the nation’s largest seller of guns and ammunition.(3)  ALEC’s staffer for the task force was Chris Oswald a former “State Liaison” for the NRA.

The full time line fact sheet

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