Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Listen While You Work

AS I observe four traitor Democrats support the Republican standoff to preserve the billions of tax dollars we give to big oil even in the face of massive big oil profits and high gas prices, I get upset and frustrated at ever changing things for the better in this once great nation.

AS evidence witness Newt Gingrich, bless his black little heart and soul if he has one, being publicly scorned and shamed by his own Republican party because he has actually spoken some truth to them...not much but some. He told them the Ryan budget was a monumental mistake. Apparently the rest of his party is not into actually thinking about things or they would already know this. What they are into is taking orders from the Koch Brothers and their ilk. It's like they come out at the base of the giant Easter Island head, shake their witch doctor and say...

"Behold! Destroying Medicare and Social Security will give much treasure to Wall Street and the insurance industry. This will be good for the people who used to be in the Middle Class. If a person points out the lunacy in this, he is evil and must be destroyed. The Koch Brothers have spoken!"

The Koch brothers have decided that they can now take over the USA and turn it into their own personal oligarchy, truth, facts, and common decency not withstanding. Newt's "Liberal media" are now showing clips of his own people ripping his figurative entrails out on national TV.

Watching the excoriation of Newt Gingrich by his own kind shows just how extreme and radical the Republican party has become. Any Republican who tries to stake out a moderate position will be destroyed as we can plainly see.

Remember as we watch this beggar's opera that the positions Newt is speaking of are actually the same positions staked out by all of America except for the rabid 30% on the right who still think W and Dick Cheney are saints who shouldn't have to wait until Saturday to get beamed up in the rapture.

Think about all this when you hear the obvious lies spewing from the right...

"Ending wars will help the terrorists."
"Raising taxes on the filthy rich will hurt the economy and kill jobs."
"The economy can only be improved by cutting government spending."
and on and on and on...

AS for me...I think as opposed to believe.

Cheer up. There is much theater in watching them eat their own.


"I'm going to keep living and I'm going to live well, in spite of what's happening now."

Listening for the open minded

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