Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gun Lobby Claims: For the Crazy, We Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

"All firearms owner, all hunters, all Tea Partiers, all conservatives should be demanding of the House Republicans to know why promises made are not promises kept. They should also be sternly reminded that votes in 2010 do not necessarily equal repeat votes in 2012."

I'm having trouble thinking that they can find any crazier people who can still get elected. There is a limit to the nutzoid, even here in Tennessee. All firearms owners, hunters, and Tea Partiers are NOT gun crazies. I personally meet two of the three criteria and do not want Judges and school teachers packing heat. Nor, as a business owner who has been through the deranged employee experience, do I want the state to say I have to allow guns on my property, even if it is only the parking lot. Hot heads do not need quick and ready access to firearms.

The Tennessee Firearms Association may believe more guns is the answer but that's their religion, not mine. They do not represent all hunters and gun owners, as this vote in the Legislature shows. Reason may prevail after all.

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