Thursday, May 12, 2011

Congressman, Why Do You Hate Women?

Roane County, TN, is split by Congressional districts and therefore has to suffer the pain and disgrace of having TWO Tea Party Republicans in Congress. Rep.s Fleischman and DesJarlais have taken the rapists side in the battle against women's health. While their brothers in the Senate filibuster job creation in America, Joe and Scott are busy making sure rapists get what they want in having their victims bear rapists children. Scott DesJarlais's psychological instability is well documented and apparently makes him more attractive to the Tea Party, not less. I Mean is anybody sane who who can claim they are pro-life while forcing the 130 million Americans who want their tax money used for women's health to instead pay for the Iraq war?

Sarah Jones thinks "anti-woman" should be treated exactly the same as Michelle Bachman's "anti-American. Bachman called for an inquisition against anybody who is not Republican to see if they held anti-American ideas. Ms. Jones think this is a fine model for investigating Congressmen who hate women and might be rapists as well...

How many of those who voted YES on this (HR3) are guilty of taking advantage of a woman or girl at some point? Since 1 out 6 women have been the victim of rape or attempted rape, who is doing all of the raping? Every two minutes, a woman is sexually assaulted and 60 percent of those rapes go unreported. Since 15 out of 16 rapists will not go to jail, we know the rapists are still out there. Rapists are more likely to be serial criminals than serial rapists, which leads to the logical question, how many of them are in congress?

Sarah Jones

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