Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Word for the Day..."It-Getters"

The mainstream media fawned(polite term here) all over itself to cover the Glen Beck uber-partisan rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, thereby forever tainting the legacy of tolerance given us by the only openly bisexual (look it up) president America has had to date. Even though CBS paid for an aerial flyover photo for a professional crowd estimate (87,500 wingnuts), the network never seriously called Beck on his ludicrous claim of half a million attendees. I mean, why go to the trouble of calling the biggest liar on the ether a liar when he lies? That wouldn't be true to the principle of fawning (polite term here), now would it?

Flash forward a couple of weeks and we have the One Nation Rally put on by the working men and women of America and hosted by Ed Shultz. The mainstream media made slight mention of it and refused to allow several of its biggest reporters to report on it. They said it was "partisan" (unlike the Beck rally?). The claim that it was half the size of the Beck rally was the pundit's buzz, even though the same official flyover shots actually taken when the rally was in progress (as opposed to before the rally started, i.e. the ones Fox posted)showed that there were about 125,000 working Americans there. These were people who have or had jobs, unlike the pensioned fireman on Medicare at the Beck rally with the "Take Out Country Back" (from socialism?) sign.

The Saturday we had the Restore Sanity Rally, which once again several mainstream media outlets refused to allow their reporters to cover, because it was partisan, only it specifically wasn't. The aerial shot count was roughly 250,000 people, which is about Ten Million in Glen Beck numbers. The media has been strangely quiet on this. A friend who attended the rally asked the Washington Mall cops about the crowd sizes and they said Becks was a little smaller than the One Nation rally, but that the Restore Sanity rally dwarfed them both. Fair enough.

So if feet are counted as votes, far more Americans want sanity in our system than want Sarah Palin or Glen Beck claiming a goose flyover was a message from God to vote Republican.

The absence (Failure) of our mainstream media is starkly evident in the press conference with Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert held after the event. Listen for the names of the organizations represented and learn where you should go for your news and information from now on...

National Press Club Press Conference with Stewart and Colbert

You are now an official "It-Getter".

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