Friday, November 5, 2010

Except in Tennessee?

The Wall Street Journal has a breakdown of who voted for which party by income level:

• Less than 30K per year voted 58% for Dems, 40% for Repubs

• 30K - 49,999K: 52% for Dems, 45% for Repubs

• 50K-74,999K: 46% for Dems, 52% for Repubs

• 75K - 99,999K: 43% for Dems, 56% for Repubs

• 100K-1,999,999K: 43% for Dems, 56 for Repubs

• Over $200,000K: 36% for Dems, 62% for Repubs
So the working class average American understands that conservatism is the zombie virus that eats brains and kills the chances for working Americans to improve their circumstances. Why don't the rest of the people get this? I think they have too much time to watch Fox News instead of having to bust their chops running as fast as they can to stay in one place.


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  1. So how the hell do any Rs get elected?! There's a heckuva lot more people making <$50K than >$50K! Are they not voting or is the REAL voter fraud going undetected?