Friday, December 6, 2013

ObamaCare Website Problems? Newt Gingrich's Fault!

Republicans have learned that they can destroy the effectiveness of America's government by controlling the House of Representatives, even though that is against the wishes of a majority of voters. If it weren't for gerrymandering, Democrats would control the House and we would be out of this recession, major corrections would be in place in national healthcare, Guantanamo would be closed, we would be out of Afghanistan already, and the middle class would be seeing its earnings increasing at a fair rate instead of the 1% sucking up every penny of additional income. There is also a good chance we would have reinstated Glass-Seagal and the Fairness Doctrine. Problems don't happen overnight and the destruction of the American government's ability to serve the majority of its citizens was plotted over 40 years ago and was behind the PR campaign that installed Ronald Reagan into the Presidency. Three straight terms of Republican presidency saw the national debt skyrocket while the unemployment rate rose. We became a debtor nation and reacted by electing a democratic president, Bill Clinton. Using massive amounts of dark money and a servile corporate press, Republicans hammered on Clinton's personal life, even though nearly all of them were committing the same and worse transgressions. As a result we saw the Gingrich revolution take over the House and install Newt as Speaker. Gingrich is a slimeball of a person but a shrewd political operator unencumbered by personal ethics. he was forced to resign as Speaker of the House and Congress due to a fairly transparent method of receiving bribes by having his ghostwritten books purchased in truckload quantities by corporate shills. Gingrich received outlandish royalty percentages, pocketed millions, and resigned in disgrace. This method continues to thrive today, as anyone who has tried to read a Sarah Palin book can vouch for. At any rate, before he was ousted Gingrich led the Republican House to dismantle as much of the citizen protections as he could, turning things over to corporations and well connected "low bidders". Outsourcing technical offices to partisan shops is just one form of destruction but it happens to be relevant right now. (Gingrich) "...killed a tiny federal agency called the Office of Technology Assessment. Established in 1972 as Congress' nonpartisan in-house think tank, the OTA studied new technologies and offered recommendations on how Washington could adapt to them. But then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) turned off its lights." In one of its final reports the OTA warned, "Changes in the health care delivery system, including the emergence of managed health care and integrated delivery systems, are breaking down the organizational barriers that have stood between care providers, insurers, medical researchers, and public health professionals..." It specifically mentioned the problems with digital data transfers and the management of information, the exact problem with! There's much more to this and I encourage a thorough read of this piece:
To prevent another, Washington could use a digital brain trust. Too bad Newt Gingrich killed the one it had. —By Tim Murphy and Tasneem Raja

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