Friday, December 13, 2013

If Only It Were the Season for Reason!

I have friends who watch Fox News. They are good people and I care about them as much as any of my other, possibly more thoughtful, friends. This is for them: If you believe anything you are told by Fox News without verifying it from several sources and giving it some serious contemplation... you are misinformed. Surveys prove this repeatedly, but I'm hoping to demonstrate it right here and now.

As one instance, and there are thousands, Fox claims Jesus and Santa Claus are white men and that's that. They offer no proof whatsover, like most of what they claim. Well first of all, and I hate to break this to Fox News people, Santa is a figment of the imagination. Santa does not exist, anymore than Fox News credibility exists. A poet created him out of bits and pieces of legend and tradition. This was a manifestation of the continuing Church takeover of the quite popular Winter Solstice celebration. Santa is made up and you can make him up to look like a Scandinavian or a Samoan, if you so choose. Also...Reindeer don't fly or have high beam red noses.

As for Jesus, he may or may not have existed, depending on your religious traditions, but accepting the New Testament for the moment, his mother was of African descent and his father was God. If God exists and is white ( Yes, we are skipping all sorts of points of discussion by making that leap of faith, but it is a leap of faith after all, right?) then that would make Jesus a mixed race child, any way you look at it. With one parent (Godly?) white and the other African, Jesus would look like most any other child with one white parent and one African parent....Barack Obama, for example.

Happy Holidays my Foxy friends! I love you and wish you the very best in these times of celebration.

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  1. An old friend wrote a comment on another forum saying he watches Fox to get away from all the liberal bias on the other networks. I answered him...

    You know, Ben, why are news media that focus on fact based reporting called "liberal"? And, why is it so hard for normally rational and caring folks like you to live in that world? The deeper truth of Megyn Kelly's Fox News piece is as obvious as her real hair color. Fox wants you to live in the fantasy world that they create for you, where Santa a Turk, is a white guy; the puppet masters of the right wing have only your best interests at heart; and a white person of mixed African descent named Jesus protected the money changers from the outraged citizens who were tired of being oppressed and ripped off