Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Jersey Gov Race Should Be Writing On The Wall For Haslam

Exit polls on Tuesday, with the same voters who handed Republican Chris Christie a landslide win as New Jersey governor, showed that  Christie would lose New Jersey 48%-44% in a match up with Democrat Hillary Clinton. Contrary to what the punditocracy is saying this morning, that doesn't look good for the GOP.

Gov. Christie's big achievement seems to be that he took all the Federal money he could get when Sandy trashed the Jersey shore. The best opportunity for this in Tennessee is to embrace the ACA and get rural hospitals the help they need to stay alive. Pay attention Governor Ramsey! I'm talking to you...

Other than his high profile Hurricane Sandy tour, Chris Christie has a fine schtick in front of the camera and, in prep for the 2016 presidential campaign, had his stomach operated on hoping to lose a few hundred pounds, much like Mike Huckabee. Calling Chistie a "moderate" is code for borderline sociopathy as opposed to a full blown personality disorder near as I can tell.

As for Christie's job creation ability, his state continues at 8.5% unemployment as it lost another 1500 jobs in most recent reports. I hope everyone remembers that Christie refused a federally funded project that would have created ten times that number of jobs in his state.

If a governor doesn't bring home the bacon by getting as much of our tax money back from the federal government then they ought to be turned out. It looks like Jersey held its nose and voted for Christie while waiting for someone better to come along. Can you say, "Hillary", boys and girls?

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