Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"From our Senator Linsey Graham is a lying D**k-head" Department

The Benghazi incident has morphed into a full blown conservative news hoax. If you don't know that it was NOT a US Embassy nor a State Department ooperation, you can thank your corporate news sources. It was a consulate being run by the CIA. Yes it was a tragedy, much like the 13 similar tragedies that occurred during the Bush Administration over which we have heard not a peep in mock outrage from conservatives. Conservatives only get all mocky and outragey when one one 13th of what they did happens during a Democratic administration. And then they lie about it.

60 Minutes reporter, Laura Logan,  went all Dan Rather on an eye witness account of the horror of the Benghazi attack with serious talk show concern on every expression as she listened intently to a man who was using a false name. He looked exactly like a slimeball who is feeding a pretty woman a line of total bullshit in a pick up bar.  It was all about the horrors and failures of the protection surrounding our Ambassador who was killed in the attack. The only truth here is that the ambassador was killed in a tragic set of circumstances. The rest is a complete fabrication and Lara Logan apparently did not do the slightest bit of fact investigative journalism for the most prestigious investigative journalism show in history.

Remember when CBS 60 minutes anchor Dan Rather had his career ended by reporting a story that was ultimately factual but has some questions about one document? Why does Laura Logan still have a job at 60 Minutes on CBS? She belongs on Fox News.

 Linsey Graham seized the moment and as a result of the show, he once again got went mock outrage, telling his own set of whoppers.

Linsey Graham has a bad habit of telling stories that are not true that are politically beneficial as he claims, " ...this white house has a bad habit of telling stories that are not true that are politically beneficial." Graham went all out and doubled down on perpetrating the Benghazi hoax as he claimed the FBI reports backed up the 60 minutes story, as if he had ever read an FBI report. he hadn't, the report definitively proves the 60 minute report was a total fabrication and some of the worst investigative journalism in history. United States Senator Linsey Graham was lying when he claimed the Obama Administration was lying. Where is his apology?

At what point does conservative credibility evaporate?

How many lies can they tell and get away with it?

Why is a serial liar like Linsey Graham still allowed to filibuster President Obama's nominations based on his own lies? 

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  1. There's a lot to the whole story…and CBS ain't talking. But of course, you cannot shut LINDSEY up! http://www.jabberwockwords.blogspot.com