Friday, September 20, 2013

Pro Hunger Republicans

How does TN Congressman Fincher vote to deny food stamps to children and yet vote FOR the farm welfare bill that has given him $3.7 million dollars? Conservative Republican logic looks more like criminal selfishness than logic.

These are strange times when conservative voters let these rats get away with this thievery. The Republican party in Congress isn't  entirely made up of scum, almost but not quite. Here's the rest of the story. There's a lot more going on in this as you'll see, including a move by Fincher and others to split the Farm Subsidy bill away from the Food Stamp (SNAP) bill so that they can vote to keep their own welfare while denying food to children. Nice people, these Republicans.

 I can't find out how my Congressman Flieshman voted and it actually looks like he managed to not vote. Anybody know?

Pith has more

And then there's THIS!

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