Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Romney Lost

First let's get something straight...Matt Lauer is a lying toad with a very nice smile. Scott Prouty did not, as Lauer claimed on NBC this morning,  "secretly" tape Mitt Romney. His camera was only one of lots of cameras in the room. It was sitting on the bar in front of Mr. Prouty in plain view of the Secret Service agent who was right behind him.  There many other people who videoed Romney's speech. Scott Prouty was the only person in the room brave enough to release it to the world.

A short clip of the speech was released in May of 2012. It was not the famous 47% clip. Prouty agonized over whether to release the video, fearing for his jobs (He works at more than one) and even his life. He knew he was going to be attacked by the right wing smear machine...Watch for it. After the short clip was released, Mitt Romney went on interviews claiming he was selectively edited and that he wished that the entire video would be released so people could see what he really said. Seeing that, Scott Prouty did as Mr. Romney requested.

Mitt Romney defended a deceptively edited video ad produced by his own campaign, the famous "You didn't build that" ad. When asked about it, Romney said, "That's how the game is played." I suppose the main stream media agreed with him since they let that statement go unchallenged. It appears that the media agrees that Americans want a President who has proved that he can lie to them with a straight face. Romney's campaign repeatedly released deceptively edited videos that gave false impressions of what Obama actually said. He also repeatedly defended this tactic of lying to the American people.

Mitt Romney is now supposed to have lost the election because Scott Prouty released a secret video of Romney that irrevocably damaged his campaign so that he received an ironic tally of 47% of the popular vote and lost the electoral vote by a landslide. He claimed it was "edited". It wasn't.  It wasn't secret and it wasn't edited and it was Mitt Romney's real words as he said them and as he meant them.

Mitt Romney lost the election for several reasons but a major factor had to be that someone released a video of...perhaps the only time he did it in his entire years long campaign of his lying and falsely edited videos of his opponent... a video of Mitt Romney telling the truth.

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