Friday, August 17, 2012

The Death of Truth?

Under George W Bush Republicans enacted what I consider to be the most obvious example of their theory on taxes and the "Free Market". They actually barred Medicare from negotiating prescription drug prices. See, what they actually mean by "free" is that it doesn't cost them any time or effort to get the government to pay the highest price in the developed world for medicine for its own citizens. Since this was done as a result of millions spent by pharmaceutical lobbyists it also illustrates the Republican theory of taxation. Simply stated, "Tax everybody who can't afford their own lobbyists and gather up all the money into one place to make it easier for us to steal." After this was done, Republicans stared right into the camera without a hint of conscience and derided Medicare as a wasteful program.

 In 2008, tired of the wars, "free speech zones", and the international embarrassment that was W, and in spite of voting fraud for which at least two Republican operatives served jail time, Democrats were swept into power on the Obama wave. Rather than being good losers and putting the country first by working together to drag us out of the depression that "Tax cuts for the rich" drove us into, Republicans have waged a never ending campaign of lies, obstructionist tactics, massively stepped up voter suppression, and more lies. In the past, Presidential candidates have mostly left the blatant lies to their surrogates. Buoyed by the near complete corporate takeover of American media and the cowardice of what's left (though there are notable exceptions), Mitt Romney now feels free to take over for hisownself the unseemly task of lying.

Remember how Medicare was a "wasteful government program"? Obama and Democrats ended the inability to negotiate prescription drug prices and, together with other measures to reduce waste and fraud, cut over $700 billion in the cost of Medicare while streamlining the program and delivering better care and services to medicare recipients. Romney has chosen a strangely incapable young man for his Veep candidate who has proposed a budgetary plan that will make $800 billion in cuts to Medicare and slash the services it provides. Somehow Mitt Romney gets to claim that amounts to "Saving" Medicare while his ads breathlessly trumpet Obama's "Stealing 700 billion dollars from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

Obamacare, by the way , is crafted around the exact same features as the very successful program that Mitt Romney himself enacted in Massachusetts. Romney now essentially says that Romneycare doesn't exist and never happened. So in the last couple of weeks a couple of things have happened. Romney released an ad with a heavily and deceptively edited video that shows Obama saying something that he never in fact said. (This is the same tactic that Okeefe used to discredit Acorn. He's being sued by the Acorn worker who was fired as a result of the fake video) Out of the other side of his mouth, Romney blasted the President for a "campaign of negativity, lies and deception". It's gotten so easy to tell when Romney is lying. (His lips are moving...yeah , I know) When ever he blasts the President for some egregious campaign tactic, you can bet your bottom dollar that Romney has just done that exact thing.

 We've seen glimmers of feisty from the media as they actually called Romney surrogate, John Sununu, on the Medicare lies. Where are they in confronting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? Nowhere yet.

 We'll see.



  Mitt Romney Sure Does Lie Alot

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