Friday, August 10, 2012

First Things First?

But is it the first thing?

The election of TNDP Chair is at least 5 months away. Let’s table any discussion about all of that until November 7th.
There will be plenty of time to sharpen pitchforks, light torches, and storm that castle after the election.

Vibinc is a very astute person. I personally disagree with her on timing but her argument bears thought. If I were sitting on the board of and organization that blew it this magnificently, the leadership would have a new office in a closet with the light bulb removed at the very least. An incompetent general can't be left in charge of the troops until after the battle.

Still, V does have a point that there are good candidates to devote full attention to and she has compiled the list. I suggest we ignore everything from the TNDP , strongly urge a change in leadership ASAP, and devote our energies and money directly to candidates who can win or hammer a coherent message. This election is about field position and the public perception of what the Democratic message really is. 

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