Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make It So!

Progressives can take heart at what went down yesterday in a fabulous day at the polls.

Personhood for zygotes was resoundingly defeated in Mississippi...Mississippi!

The author of the anti-immigration law and President of the Senate in Arizona was resoundingly kicked out of office...Arizona!

Governor Kasich's anti-collective bargaining bill was resoundingly defeated in Ohio...Ohio!

In Knoxville, TN a REAL Democrat resoundingly defeated a fake Democrat...Tennessee!

At least five women who claim they were harrassed/groped/fondled by Herman Cain will stand fast together in a press conference.

Real Democrats...Pay attention to this! Remember that Benjamin Franklin quote about hanging together? If we hang together they cannot hang us separately. Democrats have the issues that resound in people's minds. Wall street and Banks must be reigned in (Over $50 million was withdrawn from banks on Saturday alone, BTW). Public education must be protected. The rights of workers to collectively bargain must be protected. The right of every American to peaceably assemble and petition our government for the redress of wrongs must not only be protected but encouraged. Our First Amendment rights to a free press representing the citizens and not the corporations must be reinstated. Persons are persons and money is not speech. We must make it so!


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