Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Stand With the Occupy Patriots and I Ask: Who is Pulling the Strings In America?

Just this morning I posted the question, "Who is pulling the strings in America right now?" That was because I was seeing news reports of mayors having cops forcibly evict and arrest Occupy Patriots, even going against judges orders to do so. Something looked odd that all of a sudden the same mayors across the country had come to the same conclusion about how to proceed against their own citizens. Now I find out via Newscoma that in fact that the mayors are coordinating with each other. (We find it out from the BBC, by the way, not our American media) But someone has to be telling them what to do. Who is it?

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  1. Obama said it was up to local government to make the call. He realizes this buck-passing divides the movement and lets him off the hook on the rights issues. I suspect a heavy hand in coordinating the action to evict. As a Democrat, who supported Obama, I am disappointed with handling of the housing aftermath, failed promise to allow bankruptcy courts to modify mortgages.(and school loans)OWS could be a positive influence for the Democratic party as the Tea Party is to opportunistic Republicans whose Corporate based agenda overwrote TP's bias and fears. However, Democrats have not embraced OWS. Are they afraid the movement will siphon off base before a critical election? Maybe they are correct. The Democratic party lost its way in favor of Wall Street's money. Many of us seek a party that represents our interests. Banks need to be accountable for their greed and fraud. Increasingly, Democrats in Washington and those in state legislatures look a lot like their counterparts across the aisle. Perhaps it is idealistic to place hope in a fledgling movement like OWS. Are we moving into a Plutocracy? What is the answer?