Sunday, September 12, 2010

From My Inbox: "And Rupert Murdoch can kiss my ass."

It astounds me how such a crazy misinformed narrative such as the "ground zero mosque" can become the media crappola of the day. It isn't a mosque, it's a community center to go along with their actual mosque which has been at that location decades before the World Trade Towers. It is their neighborhood.

But the biggest bit of heinous propaganda is lumping all muslims in together and branding them all evil. That would be like lumping Terry Jones, the right wing cult leader in with Mother Teresa. Preacher Jones, by the way, was kicked out of Germany for preaching hate and terror, and make no mistake about it...When you burn someone's religious holy book on the grounds that it isn't YOUR religious holy book, you are sending a message of hate and fear, and frankly I think you are a terrorist. You are certainly un-American. The religious denomination that is building the community center is Sufi. The Imam is a Sufi and teaches in the way of the Sufi. The Sufi are to the Sunni Muslims what the Quakers are to preacher Terry Jones version of what he claims is Christianity.

To my read, Preacher Jones religion is nothing like Christianity, unless it is the version that, say, Adolph Hitler espoused. That's right, Adolph Hitler claimed he was doing Jesus' work in exterminating the Jews. I think not.

Sufism is a thoughtful introspective religion that is night and day different from the Sunni of Saddam Hussein. But I guess the media in America are too stupid to know that. My internet friend Bill has some thoughts along these lines...

Is this Podunk son' a bitch crazy. Right or wrong our country has taken these people in. And, many are putting their life on the line fighting for this country. Are they Americans in Afghanistan tonight with a U.S. Army uniform on fighting for what they consider their country? And, if captured do you think the extremist will give them any break.

Hell, think again. I can't even fathom their death. So it seems to me that old statue of liberty has brought us full circle.

But, that is done. Other immigrant groups have come into our country while retaining their ethnic identity. Jesus just go to Boston, or Pittsburgh, or for that matter Richmond Virginia. Where white protestants rule and Irishmen who were once despised in our country have blended in. Sometimes to the dismay of their English friends.

Ok, maybe not a good parallel since these people look strange and have a foreign religion. But, like all of us they are here. And, the vast majority are American and will fight you for that right. They simply enjoyed being in a country where they were not persecuted. But, of course that all changed in a heartbeat. And, as Americans when those buildings came crashing down they were horrified like all of us but they must also within hours had another concern. And, of course that concern has become a political football and a reality.

One played out on Fox News at every opportunity. But, even Fox wouldn't go this far. Enter some little preacher with a taste for a camera evidently. Threatening to burn their bible. But, the firestorm he created isn't in this country. You can only suspect American Moslems like us are simply trying to scratch out a living right now. No this cartoon character has created a firestorm in the countries our men and women have to fight in right now.

We now have twenty four hour a day cable channels with talking head rattling on and the American people have never been more divided. God help us all. And, Rupert Murdoch can simply kiss my ass.

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