Thursday, January 25, 2018

Trump Takes Drugs to Keep His Hair from Falling Out?...and other fun stuff

In case anybody tells you Trump raw dogging a porn star is "fake news", you might mention that Stormy has taken and passed a polygraph test and Trump hasn't. The Miami Herald has  Some suggestions for Trump.

Trump claims he doesn't have a history of heart disease, he just takes drugs that are recommended for people who have a history of heart disease. What he does have is a history of eating crappy food. Trumps medications explained (What we have been told so far)

Trump has installed his son in law, Jared Kushner, into sensitive positions and negotiations on behalf of the US government. But there's a problem. Kushner can't get a Security Clearance.

“The unprecedented delay in clearance represents a violation of security norms and suggests that Kushner continues to receive special treatment due to his relationship to President Trump. 
No shit?
You want to know what else it suggests? It suggests that the FBI sees Jared Kushner as too crooked, too big a risk, to be trustworthy.
Of course Trump tweets Dems caved in his government shutdown, but lets take notice of a few things. Trump was holding children's healthcare (CHIP) hostage and contingent on getting $18 billion in tax payer money for his worthless wall that he had promised Mexico would pay for.  Well now that the smoke has cleared it turns out that DEMS got CHIP and Trump didn't get his wall. It remains to be seen whether Republicans remain true to their unspeakably cruel intention to break up families of hardworking people who were brought to this country as children but have not had any problems, pay taxes, and contribute to this nation in every way possible, including many who currently serve in the military. 

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