Saturday, July 18, 2015

What the World Thinks of Us (Hint: It's Not Pretty)

NZ Herald columnist Paul Thomas told it like it is in a Friday column titled The Greatest Threat to America?


 The world is watching our presidential contest with amazed incredulity. Each of the GOP candidates is exposed as is our amazing inability to determine what is important to the future of America.  And then there's the freak show that is Donald Trump...

You might expect a tycoon/buffoon cross to be a political player in some Latin American failed state or backward former Soviet republic, places with no democratic tradition or public institutions that have stood the test of time and no such thing as “the people” in the sense of an educated, civic-minded citizenry.
The fact that so many Republicans are comfortable with the thought of this monumentally unqualified individual in the Oval Office shows how warped the party has become. To borrow the rhetoric of their candidates, the party is now an existential threat to America’s leadership of the global community.
Geez, this is embarrassing! I urge you to read and try not to hang your head too low.

The View from New Zealand

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  1. It's sad when our country is the laughing stock of the world.