Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Incidents Continue to Surface that Show a Strong Need to Change Cop Culture: Hamilton County Deputy Beaten In Mistaken Identity

 After his co-workers realized they had beaten him in a bizarre case of mistaken identity, Aaron Shelton says they tried to shut him up. They told him "they were all brothers, man."

 ...Flores writes that on Nov. 11, 2014, Shelton and his wife, Heather, heard a loud noise and stepped outside their home at 1516 Ely Road. Shelton saw a man run into his carport.
Then Shelton saw deputies pointing their guns at him.

They told Shelton to get on the ground, and he followed all their commands, he said. According to the complaint, he told them he was an off-duty deputy and his wife shouted the same thing. But as he lay prone on the ground, his fellow deputies got on top of him, beating him with their hands and shoving his face into the concrete, the complaint states.

Shelton said that one deputy, Curtis Killingsworth, struck him with a baton.

At some point, Shelton's neighbor yelled to deputies that they were beating the wrong man. They stopped, realized they'd made an error and discovered that the man they were actually hunting had already been apprehended. At that point, "some or all of them told Aaron that 'they were all brothers, man,'" the complaint states.

Flores said that comment is particularly troubling because it indicates the deputies who beat him wanted him to keep quiet.


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  1. How anybody can have faith in our police system anymore is beyond me. I think they are all racist, steroid-fueled, low IQ, low self esteemed fools who would not be employed anywhere else. And if you EVER need assistance and are black…consider that your death sentence