Thursday, February 5, 2015

CEO's Call For Elimininating Greenhouse Emissions by 2050, Scott Walker Fears Health Effects of Windmills

 You learn some really strange things in the morning energy report:

Falling oil prices have caused price increases in the cost of condoms in Venezuela.

Wisconsin Gov Walker cut $300 million from the schools budget, allocated money to study the health problems associated with windmills...Caused by "tilting" I suppose.

Tightening manufacturing requirements for wood stoves and furnaces will save roughly $4 - 7 billion annually and prevent hundreds of premature deaths.  Montana Senator Steve Daines says this is a short sighted regulatory overreach. I suppose he thinks killing a few hundred people a year is just part of the price of making money.

An ethanol freight train in Iowa is on fire.

Sometimes I feel like I am a passenger on an out of control clown car.

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