Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bryan College as Stalking Horse for Education in Tennessee

The faculty of Bryan College are standing up and willing to take a bullet in a stand that biblical interpretation and teaching must adjust to what science and unfettered critical thinking add to our body of knowledge. To do otherwise would make Bryan College an institution of lower ignorance rather than higher learning. It is time for our educational institutions at all levels to understand that Darwin's Theory on the Origin of Species is far more defined and researched that the Theory of Gravity. Failure to accept the theory of gravitation will not cause you to fall off the planet and go spinning off into space. Failure to teach evolutionary theory will, on the other hand, place a barrier of dogmatic ignorance in front of the students of Tennessee. Bryan College is shrinking into irrelevance in its embrace of unsubstantiated dogma. It is time for that to change.

After all, if an institution as dogmatic and authoritarian as the Catholic Church can adjust to the fact that, yes, the Earth  goes round the Sun and not the other way around, then perhaps Bryan can include obvious fact into its teachings as it prepares students to go out into the world.

 The Times Free Press has a piece you should read.

And this one

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  1. NEVER gonna happen…….those conservative "Christians" can't function without the Bible beating science into the ground. The creation crowd is a dying breed and they know it.

    "In addition, young adults tend to be single and churchless — turning away from their predecessors' proclivity for religion and marriage, according the Pew Research Center survey. Almost two-thirds don't classify themselves as "a religious person."……. from FOX itself.

    Maybe the younger generation holds more hope for this country….being turned off by the histrionics of the Religious Right. As long as the KOCHS can shift their money into libertarian and "religious" think (HA HA ) tanks, it's going to be a battle for intelligence over fear mongering.