Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Current (TV) Flows into History

Current TV was almost good. It never quite settled into anything solid and was always morphing into the next thing before any of its shows could rise up. Current will die and Al Jazeera TV will instantly emerge at 3 P.M. EDST today. This is going to be interesting. Some things were good about Current. We got to see what a rock star Jennifer Grandholm is, for instance. She's a former Governor of Michigan but can never be president because, like Ted Cruz, she was born in Canada. Ted is a GOP Tea Party presidential hopeful who claims he was born an American citizen and can serve as president. To demonstrate this he released his Canadian birth certificate. I don't understand conservatives but apparently Ted does. Ted thinks they will totally accept his Americanhood by birth right after he renounces his Canadian citizenship. So anyway Current TV will blink out and Al Jazeera will rise full blown phoenix-like from the ashes. It's been here all along, actually. I personally have been interviewed by Al Jazeera in connection with the TVA ash disaster. The folks on the TV team were as professional as anyone and better than most. They actually got what I said and took some pains not to muddle up my interview to make it fit some preconceived narrative. I recognized the interviewer as an ex NBC reporter. That seems to be a theme of Al Jazeera, use comfortable white people as the front for the American TV channel.
“I am here because the promise of doing good work is just exceptional,” said David Doss, a veteran of ABC, NBC and CNN who is Al-Jazeera America’s senior vice president of news programming.
So far I've found very accurate and comprehensive reporting in the Al Jazeera pieces I have good knowledge of. I'll be watching with a raised eyebrow and hope, but I'm going to miss Current TV.

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