Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Sunday Sermon From Our "Wow, I Wish I'd Written That" Dept

Corporate profits and the wealth of the wealthy are not the reasons we have an economy, and are certainly not the definition of economy: They are luxuries, unlike education, transportation, communications, law enforcement, environmental protection, healthcare programs of every stripe, and Social Security - all things that conservatives are insisting need to be cut in order to facilitate the continued explosion of the former. This is literally an attempt by a vanishingly small group of people to turn an entire national economy and its government into their private property and everyone else into second-class citizens completely dependent on their voluntary largesse to even survive. That's insane and anti-American...
The question isn't why should we not let the Bush tax cuts expire but rather, "Why aren't we raising tax brackets up by far more than that? Why aren't we EXPANDING Social Security and Medicare?

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