Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Pretty Danged Clear...Mitt Romney Doesn't Like You

I was part of closing a factory and sending good people's jobs to a foreign country. In this case the foreign country was South Carolina and we offered everyone who was willing to move another job. This is impossible in most cases but about 20% actually did it. The scenario was that I and my partners had built a company from nothing to something and then something bigger. We now had a closely held corporation that had become far bigger than we had any idea how to run. We made the decision to sell and become part of a larger entity where we thought there would be experienced managers who understood the ballgame at high levels. We chose our new partners carefully, hoping they would buy into our vision of team building, taking personal interest in every employee, making decisions for the greater good, being involved in our community, and always looking five years down the road on any big decision. Boy were we naive. The recent debate performance by Mitt Romney is nothing new to me. I saw it time and time again in corporate meetings, where managers would tell straight up lies and misrepresentations to get what they personally wanted, regardless of the eventual consequences for people and profits. You could cut the self serving platitudes with a butter knife. I watched this over and over. The resulting decisions occasionally made short term sense but nearly always led to long term disaster. Morale plummeted along with quality and profitability. Skilled and creative people left in droves. Hard working production people stood in shocked amazement as English became the second language on the manufacturing line as the general manager decided that paying highly productive people what they were worth was cutting into profits and replaced them with temps from the lowest cost supplier of people as a commodity. I quit going to meetings and stepped back to a consulting role partly to avoid watching the death of something I had given birth to and partly to quit causing trouble when I would point out the downside of certain decisions and then somehow being at fault when the predicted future became reality. I lost way too many meetings in exactly the same fashion as Obama "lost" his first Presidential debate. The experienced managers who won those meetings by spewing emphatic bombastic bullshit, can take credit for turning a $65 million corporation into about a third of its former self. They got their money and left. Workers at Sensata in Illinois watched in dismay as the American flag was taken down in their factory and the Chinese flag raised... Romney makes $450,000 per week from his blind trust which contains a lot of Bain Capital stock. • Bain is closing a Sensata factory and shipping equipment and jobs to China • The US government has paid $780,000 retraining fired Sensata workers. • Bain can deduct the expense of moving to China from US taxes. • US workers at the Sensata factory have to train their Chinese replacements. • Romney owns about $8 million worth of Bain funds that hold 51 percent of Sensata’s shares. • These are high-tech, well paid jobs performed by skilled American workers. • Workers in the Sensata factory in China make 99 cents an hour. • Chinese laborers work 12 hour shifts, 7 days per week. • Chinese workers are housed 2 to 3 to a room in barracks • The American workers set records for profits for Sensata I'm seeing a repeat of my own personal history with the corporate sociopathic decision making process. It's all about the money to those at the top...Right and wrong and basic human decency be damned. It appears that Romney's Ten Commandments don't apply through the corporate veil. Corporations are not people with a moral code of ethics. Corporations, as they are constructed in America at present, are ravenous predators. It is only the few regulations that remain, and which Mitt Romney wants to remove, that keep them even partially in check. If America lets Mitt Romney take the White House it will lead to cataclysmic ruin of the American middle class and the economy we built. There is no decision I can find that Mitt Romney has ever been a part of that indicates he has any whiff of a care with respect to any of the people whose jobs and lives he destroyed. They don't seem to exist to him except as numbers on a spread sheet. Given his history of job destruction in America, it's clear that he goes beyond not caring about us. It looks like he actively dislikes the American worker, not only sending your job to China but taking his tax breaks to do it. Think about it. Steve More on this HERE

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  1. I have come to the same conclusion, but my conslusion is based on much less evidence and experience. Not only are we numbers on his spreadsheet, but we are negative numbers. Thanks for the reality check. Wish some R's would read it.