Sunday, September 9, 2012

TN R's Sponsor Bills to Impose Religious Views

You can couch it in any terms you want but Republicans have obtained and kept Congressional power by introducing bills to impose Conservative religious views on the rest of the citizenry.

Take the ludicrous concept that "Life begins at conception", for instance. Somehow this has become a biblical concept in the right wing mind, even though there is scant evidence for it and even a passage that appears to support abortion in the old testament. But putting that aside, anyone who has looked at sperm under a microscope (or seen the science class videos, assuming they still had science in your school) will be forced to admit that sperm are very much alive and so, presumably, are the eggs each and every one of them will try with all their existence to join with in the process of birthing a new human. The point at which sperm and egg become human is a point of much debate. Only certain religious communities claim to know this for certainty, based on the fact that religion has nearly always gotten scientific matters completely wrong in the past and continues that proud heritage even as I type and you read. For those who have the certainty of their own personal religion to impose that through weight of majority rule is contrary to everything the founding fathers intended. It did, of course, take a Supreme Court ruling to point that out. This outraged a certain brand of religious bigot and empowered those who would use that outrage as a source of votes, even when they and their wives privately supported the Freedom of choice.

 The problem of imposing one set of religious dogma onto others is only touched at the surface by the abortion question. Deeper and more frightening is the growing realization that we now have a Vice Presidential nominee who would willingly participate in the outlawing of contraception. How can any sane person give two minutes of thought to world population and not come away as a fierce advocate of free contraception for all? There is not a single problem of magnitude on this entire planet that can't be linked to a population oh humans greater than the ability of the planet to sustainably support. To oppose contraception is to have a death wish, not just for you and your children, but for Planet Earth as we know it.

 So there.


 The Tennessean has a run down on stupid grandstanding bills by TN Congress people.

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