Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why is There a War on Woman's Right to Birth Control?

How do you make the case in your head that you can be against abortions and be against birth control at the same time?

The war on women's health has taken a nasty turn. Wal-Mart told one woman it is against their policy to fill a prescription for a diaphram. In some areas there is an 8 week backlog for birth control pills. Republicans have declared war on Planned Parenthood...Look people, there is no greater threat to our world than the ever growing number of people on this planet. Every other problem we have stems from that one factor. we understand the Pope's beligerant stand on this because rather than convert followers the Catholic Church has decided to grow them. I don't understand why they think it's a good idea to outlaw birth control for their opponents though. It's as if the religions of the world have suddenly decided to bring on Armageddon themselves instead of waiting for their God to do it.

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  1. No birth control for YOU! They want to make sure that there are enough WHITE CONSERVATIVE FUNDAMENTALISTS ( or Catholics if necessary....) to keep this country under control for the next few generations. Without that....how will they be able to dumb down the population, convince everybody that working for pennies is GOOD, being without healthcare is GOOD, war is GOOD and the rich are entitled to more than they have and the poor are that way because they made BAD choices. Oh, and GOD LOVES YA!

  2. Agreed, agreed, agreed, with both of you. Almost anything labeled "fundamentalist" is not good. And that especially applies to religion

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  4. Must read ... Really??

    Here are some of the quotes from the article so why don’t you employ some of that vaunted critical thinking you always brag about as to show how this article is any proof of a “War on Women” or any attempt to deny them contraception.

    “In return for this responsible behavior, all that I ask is that I have access to birth control. Seems this is becoming the request of an "uppity woman" and not a woman simply making the decisions that are the best for her life, her body, and her partner.”

    “It seems that there is a shortage of birth control at my university affiliated health clinic. There is an 8-week backorder on many popular birth control pills and diaphragms are not carried at all. I asked her why this was happening.”

    Maybe she and you should have read this article instead of your typical knee jerk and intransigent response.


    “She told me that in all the years she had been practicing medicine, she had never seen anything like it, and that she was deeply concerned.”

    What had she never seen before? Why did the writer not want to reveal that? Could be that the doctor's answer agreed with the above article and that didn’t agree with the writer's “War on Women “meme?

    “I drove to Planned Parenthood, but they couldn’t give me a diaphragm unless I consented to another pelvic exam. Two exams in one day. I declined.”

    So now P.P. is on the wrong side of that war?

    “The pharmacist nodded when I gave him my referral from Planned Parenthood and he told me I would have it by 3 p.m. the next day. My insurance couldn’t tell me exactly what my co-pay would be, because after 20 minutes of trying to explain to my prescription benefits representative that diaphragms don’t come in “one-month or three-month supplies” as per their co-pay system, I got frustrated and hung up.”

    Miscommunications and misunderstanding are excellent battle tactics by the wingers.

    “Meanwhile, my partner has OTC access to an effective barrier method without question or waiting. Of course, this method is not as effective as the options I’ve described, and does not take into consideration the women (and men) who are allergic to latex.”

    Plus it’s just not as much fun or as convenient.

    “There’s a calculated war on women, and it’s not just women seeking abortions, or cheaper birth control, it’s any woman who wants control over her reproductive organs. It's any woman who wants access to birth control. I experienced it on a very personal, visceral, and infuriating scale. I told my mother about my experience today. Her response was a mixture of rage and sadness. “I fought hard for the right to get birth control,” she said, “I went through humiliation 45 years ago so you wouldn’t have to go through that today.”

    A nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.